New Motor Certifications from Cesaroni Technology Inc

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New Motor Certifications from Cesaroni Technology Inc

Post by Thomas Raithby » Tue Apr 26, 2011 5:29 pm

A motor test session was held on March 27 & 28, 2011. During the session, we fired 47 individual reloads (85,870 N-sec total) to certify 11 new motors from Cesaroni Technology, Inc.

The motors covered a broad spectrum, from a new Pro24-1G Vmax motor, to a Pro98-6GXL White motor. Other sizes include the Pro54 and Pro75.

The official certification letters and thrust curves are attached.

Andre Choquette has been working on motor simulation files, and they should be available in the usual locations soon. (Thanks Andre for all your hard work!)

The certified motors include:
• CTI 25-E75-VM-17A (CTI Pro24-1G)
• CTI 114-G100-SK-14A (CTI Pro24-6G)
• CTI 137-G127-RL-14A (CTI Pro24-6G)
• CTI 74-F85-WT-15A (CTI Pro24-3G)
• CTI 1874-K740-CS-18A (CTI Pro54-4G)
• CTI 867-J244-WH-14A (CTI Pro54-2G)
• CTI 1281-K360-WH-13A (CTI Pro54-3G)
• CTI 7521-M840-WH/LB-P (CTI Pro75-6G)
• CTI 2406-K555-WH-P (CTI Pro75-2G)
• CTI 3683-L851-WH-P (CTI Pro75-3G)
• CTI 19318-N3301-WH-P (CTI Pro98-6GXL)

While these motors were certified in Canada, a reciprocal agreement between the Canadian Association of Rocketry, the Tripoli Rocketry Association and the National Association of Rocketry means they may be flown in many jurisdictions.

Congratulations to the Cesaroni Technology, Inc team on these new motors.


Tom Raithby

Chair, CAR-ACF Motor Certification Committee

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