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New CAR/ACF Address

Postby David Buhler » Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:02 pm

Hi Rocketeers

Just a reminder as we start looking to membership renewals, sending in those worn and wrinkly RI forms and the like. All the documents on CAR web have been updated with a new address so if you are using an old form or one prior to Feb 2017 it will go to Art and then must be sent my way. So, CAR/ACF address is now:

71 Bermuda Close NW
Calgary, AB T3K1G4

New Fax is 403-730-1971

Email me at:

The Secretary Treasurer position officially transitions on Feb 28th, there will be overlap before and after as a multitude of things also must be redirected my way. I want to thank Yves Dufour for helping get the French side of the house updated.

Some of you may remember the old days, well 10-15 years ago anyhow, I took on the moniker of “database slave”, it was and actually still is, except now there is this thing about looking after the financial side of the house too. So, I should look at a new name for the position, suggestions?

David Buhler
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Canadian Association of Rocketry
Association canadienne de fuséonautique

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