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The Canadian Association of Rocketry - Association canadienne de fusťologie is a volunteer run organization, open to anyone with a keen desire to safely participate in high power or model rocketry. High power rocketry has grown quickly in popularity, and the CAR-ACF and its affiliate clubs are hosting high power events on a routine basis. Visit the Affiliated Canadian Clubs page to see all local and regional CAR-ACF organizations which hold regular model rocket and high power launches.

In 1996 CAR-ACF obtained a reciprocal agreement with the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) for recognition of CAR-ACF's high power certification process. An agreement has also been reached with the Tripoli Rocketry Association, the U.S. high power rocketry organization - CAR-ACF members have access to Tripoli sanctioned launches in the United States (and vice versa) with complete recognition of certification levels. In 2002 the CAR-ACF Motor Certification Committee reached reciprocal recognition with both NAR and TRA motor testing committees for the certification of rocket motors.
Membership in the CAR-ACF has many benefits, including:
  • High power certification (for senior members) and access to high power motors
  • Reciprocal agreements with NAR and Tripoli.
  • Participation in local and regional club activities
  • Competitions
  • Networking with fellow hobbyists
  • a National organization recognized by Transport Canada
    Membership Fees
    In addition to the basic Senior membership, there are memberships available to minors, families and retail stores and mail-order stores.

    Type Conditions Fee
    Senior Over 18 on Jan 01 $65 per year
    Junior under 18 before Jan 01 $15 per year
    Family No limit to the amount of children $80 per year
    Trade Rocket related suppliers and retail stores $65 per year
    Application and Renewal Process
    Becoming a member of CAR-ACF is easy, download the form, fill it out, and send it and your payment to CAR-ACF Headquarters. The addresses are on the form and on the Contact CAR-ACF page. If you need a hardcopy, or can't print, simply contact your Provincial Representative or CAR-ACF Headquarters. To renew your CAR-ACF Membership, simply follow the same process.

    - Download Membership Form
    Check out the Membership Expiry Table to see when your membership expires. The list is sorted by CAR-ACF number. If your believe the information displayed is wrong, please contact CAR-ACF Headquarters.
    Certification Levels
    CAR-ACF maintains a list of High Power Rocketry Certification Levels on the CAR-ACF HPR Certification Table. This list is sorted by Certification Level. Again, if your believe the information displayed is wrong, please contact CAR-ACF Headquarters.

    - HPR Certification Levels
    Certified RSO / RI List
    CAR-ACF Headquarters maintains the list of currently certified Range Safety Officers and Rocket Inspectors. The Certified RI List and Certified RSO List lists each RSO/RI by the Level they are certified at and includes their contact info. Once again, if your believe the information displayed is wrong, please contact CAR-ACF Headquarters.

    - Certified RI List
    - Certified RSO List
    CAR-ACF Information
    CAR-ACF Regulatory & Certifications

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