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460NS-I80 Data

Motor Data
Brandname 38mm 460NS-I80 Hybrid Manufacturer Propulsion Polymers
Man. Designation 460NS-I80 CAR Designation I80-P
Test Date 2002-06-13
Single-Use/Reload/Hybrid Hybrid Motor Dimensions mm 38.00 x 646.00 mm (1.50 x 25.43 in)
Loaded Weight 842.40 g (29.48 oz) Total Impulse 460.00 Ns (103.50 lb/s)
Propellant Weight   Maximum Thrust 198.83 N (44.74 lb)
Burnout Weight 510.00 g (17.85 oz) Avg Thrust 80.00 N (18.00 lb)
Delays Tested Plugged ISP  
Samples per second 1000 Burntime 5.75 s
Notes N2O / Polypropylene Hybrid Motor
Motor Testing Image
I80-P Thrust Curve - (Click to enlarge)
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