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CARWeb is the online voice and information repository for the Canadian Association of Rocketry / Association canadienne de fuséonautique. You can find documents and information related to Rocketry in Canada on this site. CAR/ACF uses a web Forum to provide rapid communications between members of CAR/ACF. The CAR/ACF Forum contains both public and private areas. To access the private CAR/ACF Members area, you must a CAR/ACF Member in good standing. For details on accessing the CAR/ACF Forum, refer to these instructions.

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CARWeb Database Updated
Posted by Shane Weatherill on October 02, 2005

The CARWeb Database has been updated from CAR HQ. The following CARWeb pages are affected:
CAR Membership Expirations
HPR Certification Levels
Official CAR Certified RI List
Official CAR Certified RSO List

CAR Assistant Chief RSO Appointed
Posted by Shane Weatherill on September 25, 2005

The Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR) is pleased to announce
that Vince Chichak has accepted an appointment as Assistant Chief RSO.

As many of you know, Vince recently had the arduous task of being RSO
at LDRS24. Surprisingly this did not completely burn him out!

The RSO Committee is currently in the process of both actively
recruiting potential RSOs across Canada, as well as undertaking a
review of the current RSO, RI and LCO practices and formats.

CAR Model Rocket Committee Chairman Appointed
Posted by Ian Stephens on September 22, 2005

The Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR) is pleased to announce that Garth Illerbrun has agreed to serve as the Chairman of the Model Rocket Committee, effective immediately. Garth has long been interested in model rocketry specifically and all of amatuer rocketry in general. Garth has served as a Chairman of CAR in the past and remains active locally in the CRA, organizing the annual Southern Alberta Meet (SAM), a model rocket competition between ERC in Edmonton, LRA in Lethbridge and CRA in Calgary.

Garth also is a partner in Suborbital Technology, an Aerotech dealer and model rocket kit supplier.

More significantly, Garth has been instrumental in the delivery of a model rocketry course tought the last few years through the Calgary Aerospace Museum.

Earthrise Volume 5, Issue 1 Available Electronically
Posted by Shane Weatherill on August 15, 2005

You can now download the latest issue of the CAR Earthrise Newsletter.

The CAR Executive would like to apologize for the delay making this issue of Earthrise available while the distribution of Earthrise was examined. As a result of this examination, future issues of Earthrise will only be available electronically.

CAR Electronics Endorsement Program Added
Posted by Shane Weatherill on August 15, 2005

The CAR Electronics Endorsement Program information has been added to CARWeb.

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