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CARWeb is the online voice and information repository for the Canadian Association of Rocketry. You can find documents and information related to Rocketry in Canada on this site. CAR uses a web Forum to provide rapid communications between members of CAR. The CAR Forum contains both public and private areas. To access the private CAR Members area, you must a CAR Member in good standing. For details on accessing the CAR Forum, refer to these instructions.

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CAR Chief RSO Appointed
Posted by Ian Stephens on July 22, 2005

The Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR) is pleased to announce the appointment of Max Baines to the position of Chief Range Safety Officer (RSO) and RSO Committee chairman effective immediately.

This is an extremely important position at CAR going into the future and Max is the right person for the job. He has an excellent relationship with Transport Canada and a vast amount of experience as (RSO) and launch organizer.

The RSO Committees responsibilities include, developing and maintaining CAR's RSO and Rocket Inspector (RI) programs, as well as reviewing accident reports and extreme flight requests with other committees. In addition, as Chief RSO, Max will be responsible for overseeing all launch applications and post-launch reports.

CARWeb Database Updated
Posted by Shane Weatherill on July 01, 2005

The CARWeb Database has been updated from CAR HQ. The following CARWeb pages are affected:<br>
[url=]CAR Membership Expirations[/url]<br>
[url=]HPR Certification Levels[/url]<br>
[url=]Official CAR Certified RI List[/url]<br>
[url=]Official CAR Certified RSO List[/url]

LDRS 24 Early Registration Deadline Approaching
Posted by Shane Weatherill on June 01, 2005

The deadline for LDRS 24 Early Registration is June 5th. Please visit the [url=]LDRS 24[/url] for details.

CARWeb Pages Updated
Posted by Shane Weatherill on April 01, 2005

The following CARWeb pages have been recently updated:<br>  [url=]CAR Documents Index[/url]<br>  [url=]Regulations and Certifications[/url]<br>  [url=]CAR Model Launchsite Dimensions Guidelines[/url]<br>  [url=]Records Summary[/url]<br>  [url=]MC<sup>2</sup> - Motor Certification Committee[/url]

CARWeb Documents Updated
Posted by Shane Weatherill on April 01, 2005

The following CARWeb documents have been recently updated:<br>  [url=]CAR Membership Form .pdf[/url]<br>  [url=]HPR Safety Code .pdf[/url]<br>  [url=]HPR Certification Form .pdf[/url]<br>  [url=]Level 4 Data Capture Form .pdf[/url]<br>  [url=]Level 4 Data Capture Form .doc[/url]<br>  [url=]Level 4 Data Capture Form .sxw[/url]<br>  [url=]Rocket Inspector Program .pdf[/url]<br>  [url=]Rocket Inspector Level 1 Form .pdf[/url]<br>  [url=]Rocket Inspector Level 2 Form .pdf[/url]<br>  [url=]Rocket Inspector Level 3 Form .pdf[/url]<br>  [url=]Rocket Inspector Check List .pdf[/url]<br>  [url=]MC<sup>2</sup> Certified Motor Failure .pdf[/url]<br>  [url=]HPR Altitude Record Submission Form .pdf[/url]

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Upcoming Launches
Launch NameDateContact Information
Fire and Ice February 24, 2018Ken Mueller
Hanna Launch March 24, 2018David Buhler
Hanna Weather Date April 07, 2018David Buhler
Southern Alberta Meet May 26, 2018Garth Illerbrun
Southern Alberta Meet May 27, 2018Garth Illerbrun

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