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Tim Rempel - President
Tim Rempel (Click to enlarge) Like most of you, I am a BAR. I have many fond memories of launching Estes model rockets on our family farm as a kid. When I returned to rocketry many years later, I was excited to see how the hobby had changed with a wide variety of rockets from many manufacturers, and much larger motors than I had ever seen. I was fortunate to connect with the great rocket communities in Lethbridge and Calgary which enabled me to progress through my certification levels, learn how both big and small launches operate, and get to know the great people that make up our community. I have also had the opportunity to give back and have served as Alberta provincial rep, CAR/ACF Secretary Treasurer, CAR/ACF Vice President, L4CC, RSO, and now as CAR/ACF President. I also have helped organise the annual Rock Lake launch in Southern Alberta and was a proud member of the LDRS 24 host committee. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comme la plupart d’entre vous je suis revenu à la fuséonautique après une longue pause. J’ai de beaux souvenirs d’enfant de lancements de petites fusés Estes sur la ferme familiale. Lorsque j’ai repris la fuséonautique de nombreuses années plus tard j’étais excité de voir comment le hobby avait évolué tant sur la quantité de fusées disponibles de plusieurs manufacturiers que sur la grosseur des moteurs que je n’avais jamais vu. J’ai eu la chance de côtoyer la grande communauté de fuséonautique de Lethbridge et Calgary qui m’a permis de progresser au niveau de mes certifications et d’apprendre comment fonctionne les lancements basses et hautes puissances et de connaître les personnes qui composent notre communauté. J’ai aussi eu la chance de participer en étant le représentant de l’Alberta auprès de l’association, de Secrétaire-trésorier, de Vice-président du CAR/ACF, L4CC , RSO et maintenant Président. J’ai aussi participé à l’organisation du lancement annuel de Rock Lake en l’Alberta du sud et j’étais fier d’être membre du comité organisateur du LDRS24.
Shane Weatherill - Vice President
Shane Weatherill (Click to enlarge) Shane is a Software Developer, living in Calgary, Alberta.
David Buhler - Secretary Treasurer
David Buhler (Click to enlarge)

Rocketry has been a big part of my life both from a flyer point of view and making sure others get to fly. I've been flying the high-power side of the house since the mid 90's. I am an L4 flyer with a few altitude records, formed two teams flying O projects along with numerous other individual projects featuring heavy, low and slow flights to light, high and fast flights.

As member of the Calgary Rocketry Association (CRA) I have helped the club through various roles such as setting up the club's first web presence, Contest Director, equipment manager and currently the High-power Manager setting up and organizing the club's high-power launch activities.

Starting in 2000, I was involved with CAR/ACF, as the Database Slave doing membership processing which entailed streamlining processing by adding some automation, database setup, design of the current membership card, and L4CC chairman. I did this until 2009. I am a prefect for Tripoli Alberta (115) and a TAP member for the region.

One of my first loves is electronics, having designed several launch systems over the years for the CRA. The club has been using the latest design of a flexible multipoint wireless launch system since 2012 with great success. Other projects have included designing flight electronics and GPS tracking systems under the ATHA Aerospace banner.

Professionally, I was an IT Director at the University of Calgary. I am now retired.


Rocketry a été une grande partie de ma vie, tant du point de vue des flyers que de la volonté des autres de voler. Je vole du côté de la haute puissance depuis le milieu des années 90. Je suis un pilote L4 avec quelques records d’altitude, formé de deux équipes pilotant des projets O ainsi que de nombreux autres projets individuels comportant des vols lourds, bas et lents à des vols légers, élevés et rapides.

En tant que membre de la Calgary Rocketry Association (CRA), j'ai aidé le club à assumer divers rôles, notamment la mise en place de la première présence du club sur le Web, le directeur du concours, le responsable de l'équipement et actuellement le responsable de la haute puissance, chargé de la mise en place et de l'organisation du lancement du club. Activités.

Depuis 2000, je travaillais pour CAR / ACF en tant qu'esclave de base de données effectuant le traitement des membres, ce qui impliquait une rationalisation du traitement en ajoutant une automatisation, une configuration de base de données, la conception de la carte de membre actuelle et un président de L4CC. Je l'ai fait jusqu'en 2009. Je suis préfet pour Tripoli en Alberta (115) et membre du TAP pour la région.

L’un de mes premiers passionnés est l’électronique, ayant conçu plusieurs systèmes de lancement pour l’ARC au fil des années. Le club utilise la dernière conception d'un système de lancement sans fil multipoint flexible depuis 2012 avec un grand succès. D'autres projets ont inclus la conception de systèmes électroniques de vol et de systèmes de suivi GPS sous la bannière ATHA Aerospace.

Sur le plan professionnel, j'ai été directeur informatique à l'Université de Calgary. Je suis maintenant à la retraite.

David VE6RKT

Board of Directors
Allen Upward - Pacific Region
Robert Jones - Alberta Region
Robert Jones (Click to enlarge) My introduction to model rocketry came as a result of frequent visits to the Science Shop in downtown Toronto in the mid 1970’s while shopping for supplies for my other hobby at the time which was chemistry. Later with my good friend Bill from high school I became quite active with the Canadian Rocket Society (CRS) which had monthly launches in Scarborough. Bill even convinced me to enter some of the TRRM (Toronto Regional Rocket Meet) competitive launches which occurred once a year, which was truly a great experience. I was even lucky to occasionally fly FSI “E” and “F” motors back in those days which at the time were considered quite spectacular. Eventually the flying field was developed for real estate and without a field the CRS wound down and I went off to U of T to study chemistry. My born again rocket flying experience started many years later when driving along Kingston Road one day in the 1990’s. As I passed Ralph’s Hobby store, I noticed some large rockets in the window and decided to have a look. I quickly noticed Aerotech “G” motors for sale and after talking with the owner discovered things had changed a bit since I used to fly. I renewed my old CAR membership and joined Tripoli. During these years I traveled to numerous Tripoli Western New York launches at the Historical Aircraft Group field located in Geneseo, New York where I eventually achieved my Tripoli Level 2 certification. This was a very active club and I was able to see numerous “M” motor flights and meet lots of great people- including many Canadians who made the trek. I also drove east several times a year and attended all the Blazing Archer CAR launches and successfully flew my first 98 mm Aerotech reload – a K458-which was quite exciting. I was also an active member of NAPAS from its beginning attending many launches before relocating to Western Canada for my job. Flying HPR out west has introduced me to many new friends, open plains,clear skies, and even higher flights. Today I live just north of Calgary, work for a specialty chemical company (as an expert in corrosion and wear coatings used in the oil and gas industry), and spend a lot of time talking about and building rockets with my 10 year old son Alex which brings things full circle.
Brad Wall - Prairies and Northern Region
Brad Wall (Click to enlarge)

My name is Brad Wall, and I live in Saskatoon, SK. I started flying rockets with my Dad when I was about 8 years old. We built and flew a fair number of models until my interests changed during my mid teens. In 2000, I started flying model again with our kids. A couple of years later, I was checking the web for any local rocket clubs. I did not find any, but I did come across the CAR website. High Power? What is that all about? As is it happened, Roc Lake was just a couple of weekends away. I decided to take a day trip out to Alberta to see what HPR really was. I was only there for about an hour before I decided this is what I wanted to do. I joined CAR and certified level 1 and 2 at Roc Lake in 2003, and certified level 3 at Roc Lake in 2004. In 2008 I completed my training and was certified as a Range Safety Officer.

In 2003 I wanted to get involved with a local rocketry club, mainly because of how much I enjoyed the HPR launches we had attended. I heard that a few people were looking at starting a local model rocket club in Saskatoon. That was the beginning of the Saskatoon Rocketry Society. I became club secretary in 2005 and am still holding that position. In the past I have spent a large amount of time promoting rocketry in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. I have worked with various local groups doing workshops, launches, and rocketry promotion.

I had the privileged to serve on the CAR Board of Directors from 2006 until 2010. I feel that CAR is an important organization and continued volunteer work is needed. If elected I promise to work hard to help make CAR the organization it needs to be, and to be a fair and reasonable representative of rocketeers both in my region and in the rest of Canada.

Andr Choquette - Quebec Region
Andr Choquette (Click to enlarge)

Je m’appelle André Choquette, je suis le représentant régional pour le Québec, le directeur du comité de certification des moteurs au Canada et depuis peu, RSO.

J’ai débuté la construction de fusées miniatures vers l’âge de 12ans à la fin des années 70. D’aussi loin que je puisse me souvenir, j’ai toujours construit des modèles originaux et pratiquement pas kit. Va s’en dire que toutes n’étaient pas stables. Heureusement pour mes voisins, j’ai découvert un magnifique livre « les mini-fusées » édité par le conseil de la jeunesse scientifique. Dès lors, j’ai pu aller plus vite et plus haut. Après une pause de presque 25 ans, j’ai redécouvert la fuséonautique, grâce à un ami qui venait de construire une fusée. J’ai voulu en construire une aussi et depuis cette date, je n’ai fait que progresser jusqu’à faire mon niveau 4 en 2011. J’ai participé à la création d’un nouveau club de fuséonautique au Québec qui succédait à A3maQ. J’adore partagé des techniques et des connaissances avec mes collègues lanceurs, je pense que c’est la partie que je préfère le plus du hobby.

My name is André Choquette, I'm the regional representative for Quebec, the director of engine certification committee in Canada and recently RSO.

I started building model rockets at the age of 12, in the late 70s. As far as I can remember, I have always built original models and virtually no kit. Needless to say that all were not stable! Fortunately for my neighbors, I discovered a wonderful book "mini-fusées" published by the Council of Young Scientists. Therefore, I could go faster and higher. After a break of almost 25 years, I rediscovered rocketry, thanks to a friend who had built a rocket. I wanted to build one too, and since then, I've move up to my level 4 in 2011. I participated in the creation of a new rocketry club in Quebec who succeeded to A3maQ . I love sharing techniques and knowledge with my colleagues launchers, I think this is the part I like most of the hobby.

Mark Roberts - Atlantic Region
Mark Roberts (Click to enlarge)

I returned to model rocketry in 1999 after watching the movie “October Sky.” Sitting in the theatre with my wife, I commented that what was happening on the screen was almost exactly what I and a couple of friends were doing in the early 1960’s. She said, “Why don’t you get back into model rockets? You need a hobby of some kind, something to do besides work.”

So, a couple of months later, I flew my first rocket in 40 years, an Estes Venom. I soon heard about the Moncton Area Rocket Society (MARS) and became a regular attendee at their launches, where I flew my first mid-power rocket. A friend and I started the Fredericton Association of Rocketry (FAR), which hosted many enjoyable family-oriented launches at a park outside of the city.

During this time, I joined CAR, passed the HPR exam and started attending the Blazing Archer launches in Ontario where I received my level 1 certification. After a few years, MARS and FAR dissolved as their launch fields underwent development. At this point, we had developed a core of rocketeers in southern New Brunswick and we started hosting our own high-power launches. When CAR lost its insurance around 2001, we formed our own Tripoli prefecture. I served as the Prefect for Tripoli New Brunswick until we dissolved the prefecture when CAR acquired new insurance. We now fly under the banner of NB Rocketry, a CAR affiliated club.

I received my CAR level 3 certification in 2002. I have had a level 4 project on the back burner for 6 or 7 years now and hopefully will complete it before I am too old to enjoy it. I am fortunate to be retired, which gives me the time to pursue rocketry and other interests.

I was a professor of forest ecology at the University of New Brunswick from 1983 to 2009. My forestry background allows me to appreciate nature as I tromp across hill and valley on those long rocket recoveries. Being out in the field and socializing with other rocketeers, are the aspects of the hobby that I enjoy the most.

J’ai repris intérêt aux modèles réduits de fusées en 1999 après avoir regardé le film « October Sky. » Assis à coté de ma femme au cinéma, j’ai remarqué que ce qui se passait à l’écran était presque la même chose que quelques amis et moi faisions dans les années soixante. Ella m’a répondu : « Pourquoi ne recommences-tu pas à faire des fusées modèles réduits? Tu as besoin d’un passe-temps différent du travail. »

Donc, deux moins plus tard, j’ai lancé ma première fusée en 40 ans, une Estes Venom. Ensuite j’ai appris qu’il existait une organisation, la Moncton Area Rocket Society (MARS) et j’ai assisté à leurs lancements, où j’ai lancé ma première fusée de moyenne puissance. Ensuite, un ami et moi avons fondé le groupe Fredericton Association of Rocketry (FAR) et organisé plusieurs lancements pour toute la famille dans un parc à l’extérieur de la ville.

À cette époque, je suis devenu membre de CAR/ACF. J’ai passé l’examen pour la haute-puissance et j’ai commencé à assister aux lancements de Blazing Archer en Ontario où j’ai reçu mon certification niveau 1. Après quelques années, MARS et FAR ont perdu leurs terrains pour les lancements, mais nous étions un groupe d’amateurs de fusées dévoués. Nous avons organisé nos propres lancements de haute puissance. Quand les assurances de CAR/ACF ont été annulées aux environs de 2001, nous avons établi une préfecture Tripoli. J’étais le préfet de Tripoli Nouveau-Brunswick jusqu’ à ce que CAR/ACF soit assurée au Canada. Nous opérons maintenant NB Rocketry, un groupe affilié à CAR/ACF.

J’ai obtenu ma certification niveau 3 du CAR/ACF en 2002. J’ai un projet de niveau 4 en cours depuis 6 ou 7 ans; j’espère que je l’achèverai avant que je sois trop vieux pour en profiter. Heureusement, je suis à la retraite, ce qui me donne le temps de faire ce qui m’intéresse, comme la fuséonautique.

J’étais professeur d’écologie forestière à l’université du Nouveau-Brunswick de 1983 à 2009. Grâce à mon expérience en foresterie, je peux apprécier la nature pendant les longues randonnées pour récupérer mes fusées. Ce que j’aime le plus dans ce passe-temps c’est être dans les champs et socialiser avec les autres amateurs de fusées.

Shane Weatherill - Web Manager
Shane Weatherill (Click to enlarge) Shane is a Software Developer, living in Calgary, Alberta.
Bruce Aleman - Earthrise Editor

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