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Greg Dietlein - President
Greg Dietlein (Click to enlarge) I currently live in Langley, BC with my wife, Sue and my two sons, David who is 25 and Christopher who is 23. Both enjoy rocketry.

I entered the world of rocketry in the mid 90s. My sons had expressed an interest and we decided to purchase a couple Estes kits. A couple of years later, I was in a hobby store and met a member of the British Columbia Rocketry Club. It was at a BCRC launch where I saw my first G and I was hooked. Rocketry became a big part of my life and the rest is pretty much history.

Here is a brief outline of my rocketry activities:

Former president of the BCRC, first RSO trainee under the new program, RSO and assistant RSO at Rock Lake, Sullivan Lake, Rage at the Gage, LDRS24, Pemberton and Alexis Creek, member of the RSO Committee member of the L4 Certification Committee. My initial introduction towards participating in the CAR/ACF was when I began help the then president Dave Ross with writing documents and reviewing risk management.

I am a CAR-AFC L4 flier and enjoy doing range duties of all types at launches.

I have view my term as CAR-ACF President as a privilege and an honour and I plan to work very hard for the Canadian rocketry community.


J’habite à Langley, C.-B., avec mon épouse Sue et mes deux fils, David agé de 25 ans et Christopher 23 ans. Mes deux fils aiment également la fuséologie.

Je suis entré dans le monde de la fuséologie vers le milieu des années 90. Mes fils avaient exprimé leur intérêt et nous avons décidé d’acheter des kits de fusées Estes. Quelques années plus tard, dans une boutique de hobby, j’ai rencontré un membre du « British Columbia Rocketry Club ». C’est à l’occasion d’un lancement du B. C. R. C. que j’ai vu mon premier « G » et que je suis devenu accro de la fusée. Depuis, la fuséologie est devenu une grande part de ma vie.

Voici un bref apperçu de mes activitées de fuséologie.

J’ai été président du B. C. R. C. et la première personne engagée dans le nouveau programme d’entraînement des RSO. J’ai agi en tant que RSO et assistant RSO à Rock Lake, Sullivan Lake, Rage at the Gage, LDRDS 24, Pemberton et Alexis Creek. Mon travail avec le CAR/ACF a débuté quand j'ai commencé à aider le président de l'époque, Dave Ross, avec la écriture de documents et gestion des risques de révision.

Je suis un CAR/ACF niveau 4 aviateur et aimer le faire travail de terrain de tous les types de lancements.

En tant que président de la l’ACF, j’envisage l’exercice de mes fonctions comme un privilège et un honneur et je prévois travailler très fort pour la communauté de la fuséologie canadienne.
Bill Daigle - Vice President
Bill Daigle (Click to enlarge) For those of you who do not know me, my name is Bill Daigle, and I live in Moncton New Brunswick. I currently fly with the NB Rocketry group, which has been created by the joining of the Moncton Area Rocket Society, (MARS), and the Fredericton Association of Rocketry, as well as a few people from Saint John and other areas. I’m a Level 3 flyer. My 2 daughters and I are regular flyers with the club, as well as part of the organising team for Rage at the Gage. I have played an active role in locating a new field for our club, which has also enabled us the capability of holding more than one high power launch per year. I am also the secretary-treasurer for Rocketry NB. 

I have been in the hobby since the late 60’s, and until the year 2000, I thought I was the only rocketeer in the country! That was when I was introduced to Kevin Drayson, MARS, and the CAR/ACF. I have since then worked my way up to L3 certification, and have had a ton of fun along the way! During this time, I brought my 2 girls into the hobby, as well as done school presentations for both their grade 6 science classes, as well as taking a shot at a cub- scout workshop. (I won’t call that an actual success, but that’s another story) 

I’ll try to share what vision I have for the CAR/ACF, and what I offer you as part of your Executive. I feel that as long as we continue to represent ourselves as mainly a high power organisation, we are limiting our market. We should promote ourselves as a group promoting rocketry of all levels. Let’s find reasons & benefits for model rocketeers to want to join us as well. The increased numbers in our membership may allow us to be more respected by the regulatory agencies, as well as better positioning ourselves in being able to keep liability insurance  
I believe in youth development, kids flying models now will be the future high power flyers. It is our responsibility to help any youngsters into the hobby, whether it is through coaching kids at the launch field, or trying to promote programs in the schools, or youth groups. 

Pour ceux d'entre vous qui ne me connaissent pas, mon nom est Bill Daigle , et j’habite à Moncton au Nouveau -Brunswick . Je vole actuellement avec le groupe NB Fuséologie ( Rocketry NB), qui a été créé par la fusion de la Moncton Area Rocket society ( MARS ) , et l'Association de fuséologie de Fredericton , ainsi que quelques personnes de Saint John et d'autres régions du Nouveau Brunswick. Je suis un fuséologue de niveau 3. Mes deux filles et moi participons régulièrement aux envols de notre club. Nous faisons aussi partie de l'équipe d'organisation des vols à « Rage at the Gage » à la base militaire de Gagetown. J’ai joué un rôle actif pour nous trouver un nouveau champ d’envol pour notre club. Ceci nous permet maintenant d’avoir plusieurs lancements de fusées de grande puissance chaque année. Je suis également le secrétaire-trésorir pour Fuséologie NB.

J’ai débuté dans la construction et le vol de fusées vers la fin des années 60. Jusqu’en 2000 j’avais l’impression d’être le seul fuséologue du pays. Mais en 2000 j’ai fait la connaissance de Kevin Drayson et j’ai découvert MARS et la CAR/ACF. Depuis, j’ai progressé jusqu'à la certification L3, ce qui m’a donné beaucoup de plaisir! Pendant cette même période, mes deux filles se sont aussi intéressées à la fuséologie. Au fil du temps j’ai fait des présentations dans les écoles pour les cours de science de 6e année. Quant à mon atelier pour un groupe de louveteaux…..pas exactement un succès, mais au moins une bonne histoire à raconter!

Je crois aussi à l’importance de la participation des jeunes. Les jeunes amateurs de fuséologie d’aujourd’hui deviendront les adultes avec fusées de grandes puissances de demain et certains d’entre eux seront nos futures ingénieurs en aéronautique ou même de futures astronautes. C’est notre responsabilité d’inviter, d’accueillir et d'aider les jeunes dans notre passe-temps, par exemple par l'encadrement et l’encouragement de nos jeunes sur le terrain de lancement. Il est tout aussi important d’encourager des programmes dans les écoles et dans les groupes de jeunes.

Ayant dit tout ça, je n’oublie pas un détail très important; c’est que notre but est d’avoir du plaisir et de se relaxer. La fuséologie est un passe-temps que nous avons choisi parce qu’on l’aime et ça nous remplit d’enthousiasme. Quels que soient les changements que nous choisissons, il faut que notre marketing de la fuséologie fasse voir notre passe-temps comme une activité qui est à la fois un grand plaisir et sécuritaire.
David Buhler - Secretary Treasurer
David Buhler (Click to enlarge) Rocketry has been a big part of my life both from a flyer point of view and making sure others get to fly. I’ve been flying the high-power side of the house since the mid 90’s. I am an L4 flyer with a few altitude records, formed two teams flying O projects along with numerous other individual projects featuring heavy, low and slow flights to light, high and fast flights. As member of the Calgary Rocketry Association (CRA) I have helped the club through various roles such as setting up the club’s first web presence, Contest Director, equipment manager and currently the High-power Manager setting up and organizing the club’s high-power launch activities. Starting in 2000, I was involved with CAR-ACF, as the “Database Slave” doing membership processing which entailed streamlining processing by adding some automation, database setup, design of the current membership card, and L4CC chairman. I did this until 2009. I am a prefect for Tripoli Alberta (115) and a TAP member for the region. One of my first loves is electronics, having designed several launch systems over the years for the CRA. The club has been using the latest design of a flexible multipoint wireless launch system since 2012 with great success. Other projects have included designing flight electronics and GPS tracking systems under the ATHA Aerospace banner. Professionally, I was an IT Director at the University of Calgary. I am now retired. David VE6RKT
Board of Directors
Shannon Campbell - Pacific Region
Tim Rempel - Alberta Region
Tim Rempel (Click to enlarge)  I live in Lethbridge, Alberta with my wife Jennifer where my work consists of operating several businesses and trying to make my wife understand what this rocket thing is all about. Like most of you I am a BAR. I spent many happy days in my youth firing Estes rockets on the farm where I grew up. About 15 years ago, my nephew showed up to a family function with some Estes kits and that reignited my interest. When I got home that day I went onto the internet and did some searching and realized that the motors had gotten ALOT bigger since I was a kid. I contacted some local people that were involved and I was off to the races.

Since that time I have completed my Level 4, became active in hosting the annual Rock Lake launch and was proud to have been a member of the LDRS 24 hosting committee.

Brad Wall - Prairies and Northern Region
Brad Wall (Click to enlarge) My name is Brad Wall, and I live in Saskatoon, SK. I am, as many of the rest of you, a born again rocketeer. I started flying rockets with my Dad when I was about 8 years old. We built and flew a fair number of models until my interest’s changed during my mid teens. I started with rocketry again in 2000 hoping it would become a family hobby (which it has). In 2002 I found out that there was more to rocketry then just models. I joined CAR and certified level 1 and 2 at Roc Lake in 2003, and certified level 3 at Roc Lake in 2004. I was able to complete my RI level 1 in 2005, and plan to finish my RI level 2 and 3 over the next year.

I am currently involved in rocketry on many levels. I am the new CAR BoD Representative for the Prairies and Northern region. I am also Secretary of the Saskatoon Rocketry Society model club. As part of this role I have created posters, pamphlets, Yahoo Groups, a new club database, updated club website, promotional video, and a new 21 pad launch controller, all in hopes of developing a strong local rocketry community. This year I was able to get involved with the Saskatoon Public School Board’s S.P.A.C.E. Club, leading a rocket building seminar and workshop. In short I love working with local groups in the support and promotion of rocketry, almost as much as I do building and flying rockets.
Andre Choquette - Quebec Region
Andre Choquette (Click to enlarge) Je m’appelle André Choquette, je suis le représentant régional pour le Québec, le directeur du comité de certification des moteurs au Canada et depuis peu, RSO.

J’ai débuté la construction de fusées miniatures vers l’âge de 12ans à la fin des années 70. D’aussi loin que je puisse me souvenir, j’ai toujours construit des modèles originaux et pratiquement pas kit. Va s’en dire que toutes n’étaient pas stables. Heureusement pour mes voisins, j’ai découvert un magnifique livre « les mini-fusées » édité par le conseil de la jeunesse scientifique. Dès lors, j’ai pu aller plus vite et plus haut. Après une pause de presque 25 ans, j’ai redécouvert la fuséonautique, grâce à un ami qui venait de construire une fusée. J’ai voulu en construire une aussi et depuis cette date, je n’ai fait que progresser jusqu’à faire mon niveau 4 en 2011. J’ai participé à la création d’un nouveau club de fuséonautique au Québec qui succédait à A3maQ. J’adore partagé des techniques et des connaissances avec mes collègues lanceurs, je pense que c’est la partie que je préfère le plus du hobby.

My name is André Choquette, I'm the regional representative for Quebec, the director of engine certification committee in Canada and recently RSO.

I started building model rockets at the age of 12, in the late 70s. As far as I can remember, I have always built original models and virtually no kit. Needless to say that all were not stable! Fortunately for my neighbors, I discovered a wonderful book "mini-fusées" published by the Council of Young Scientists. Therefore, I could go faster and higher. After a break of almost 25 years, I rediscovered rocketry, thanks to a friend who had built a rocket. I wanted to build one too, and since then, I've move up to my level 4 in 2011. I participated in the creation of a new rocketry club in Quebec who succeeded to A3maQ . I love sharing techniques and knowledge with my colleagues launchers, I think this is the part I like most of the hobby.
Mark Roberts - Atlantic Region
Mark Roberts (Click to enlarge)
Shane Weatherill - Web Manager
Shane Weatherill (Click to enlarge) Shane is a Software Developer, living in Calgary, Alberta.

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