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About the Canadian Association of Rocketry

What is CAR?
  • CAR is the Canadian Association of Rocketry, established in 1965

  • CAR is a self-supporting, non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to promote development of Amateur Aerospace as a recognized sport and worthwhile amateur activity.

  • CAR is an organization open to anyone interested in legal and responsible rocketry.

  • CAR is the official national body for amateur aerospace in Canada.

  • CAR is a chartering organization for model rocket clubs across the country. CAR offers its' chartered clubs contest sanction and assistance in getting and keeping flying sites.

  • CAR is the voice of its' membership, providing liaison and certification programs with Transport Canada, Natural Resources Canada (Explosives Regulatory Division), and other government agencies through our national headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. CAR also works with local governments, zoning boards and parks departments to promote the interests of local chartered clubs.

  • CAR is the principal stakeholder representing Non-military, Non-commercial aerospace on the Transport Canada Canadian Aviation Regulatory Advisory Council (CARAC) which is responsible for maintaining and developing the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS).

  • CAR is a Rocketry Association whose rules and regulations as formally acceptable to the Minister of Transport.

For more detailed information, contact the Canadian Association of Rocketry:

71 Bermuda Close NW
Calgary, AB T3K1G4
CAR Vision
We, the members of the Canadian Association of Rocketry, are the pathway to the future of amateur aerospace and are committed to making rocketry the foremost sport/hobby/activity in the world.
This vision is accomplished through:
  • A dedication to safety and responsibility
  • Partnerships with its valued associates, the aerospace industry and government
  • Development of programs that meet or exceed Canadian government regulatory requirements
  • A process of continous improvement
  • A committement to leadership, quality, education and scientific/technical development
  • A safe, responsible and enjoyable aerospace development environment.
CAR Mission Statement
The Canadian Association of Rocketry is a world-class association of rocketeers organized for the purpose of promotion, development, education and advancement of amateur aerospace activities. The Association provides access, leadership, organization, competition, communication, protection, representation, recognition, education and scientific/technical development for its members.
CAR Structure
The Canadian Association of Rocketry 1999 is incorporated as a not for profit company limited by shares.

The general membership elects officers to represent them at the executive level. These elected representatives then purchase the corporation's shares, thus becoming the owners of the corporation. The provincial regions vote for their regional representatives, who then along with the executive, form the Board of Directors.

Therefore the CAR is a true democratic organization whereby every member has the opportunity to influence CAR policy.

Once elected, the responsibility for running the CAR rests with the CAR Executive/Shareholders consisting of Chairman, Past Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer.

Management input comes from the following boards and technical committees:

Regional Issues:
Board of Directors consisting of the elected regional representatives from the 7 regions and the elected executive.

Technical Issues
RSO Commitee - Range Safety

L4CC Committee - Airframe and flight performance

MCC Committee - Motor Testing and Certification

EX Motor Committee - Experimental Rocketry and alternate technologies

Regulatory Issues:
TC Liaison - Transport Canada (Airspace and Transport of Hazardous Goods)

ERD Liaison - Natural Resources Canada (Explosives Regulatory Division (Propellant))

All of the above are responsible to the Executive/Shareholders and meet on an as-needed basis with the exception of the Executive/Shareholders that may meet more often as business demands, but at least once a year for an Annual General Meeting. Elected officers and representatives serve for a term of two years, although may stand for re-election should they wish to do so.

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